Any questions about the treatment of Scalp Micropigmentation?

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

Customers should shave his head to 0 or 1 (length) before attending their first procedure. All customers who show contraindications in the medical record previously filled, will need to bring a letter signed by your GP to prove for sure that are fit to continue treatment.
Be sure to take a good breakfast and / or lunch before your appointment because you can not eat while the treatment is done. Please refrain from drinking alcohol, both night and day treatment.
The first session will last approximately 3-4 hours and subsequent sessions around 2 hours.
The first part of the session will be dedicated to discuss and agree on the style you would like to achieve. This will include agreement on the hairline, color, density and additional services such as camouflaging scars requirements. We are able to give all the required fashion advice and answer your questions delighted in this area. a photograph showing the front line of hair agreed to take our records.
After agreeing to the desired style, the procedure began. The specialist usually initiate the procedure on the front hairline, then anger filling the whole area and finally the back of the head. It will be a break in the middle of treatment so you can relax with a drink and review progress.
At the end of the session the specialist will show the new style. Please remember to take a few days for any initial redness on the scalp color disappears and clarify some making their final pitch. The specialist will answer any questions you may have about how to care for your new style and confirm the date of your next appointment.
Virginia Llorente formed by Indeids certified throughout Europe as a specialist in micro hair pigmentation, called in "sanitary toilet" for the practice of tattooing and micro pigmentation, making exclusive use of approved inks, he began his experience and training in the aesthetic field of micro hair pigmentation over 5 years, has worked in clinics most renowned within the micro hair pigmentation in different parts of the world (London, Birmingham, Paris, Los Angeles, NYC, Miami)
You will immediately be able to get an idea of the overall effect of treatment. However, we must remember the skin will become red and the redness would last the first 2-5 days after treatment, the color will lighten and soften in the early days, because the skin will show a normal exfoliation process. You should also remember that most customers require at least 3 sessions to get a complete result.
In order to take care of your new style, please follow the following guidelines after each treatment session:
- Avoid wetting the head in the first 3-4 days after treatment, after these 3-4 days you can start washing your scalp (low water pressure). After the first week, you can start showering again normally. Wait 3-4 days before shaving the head or cut his hair.
- Wait 3-4 days before using any moisturizer. If you have any skin condition (eczema for example), please ask your doctor for specific advice.
- Avoid heavy exercise until treatment is completed.
- Avoid the sun until your treatment is completed. You can wear a hat or cap between treatments, if you want to.
The exact cost of the procedure will vary depending on a number of factors, such as size, area head to try and scalp that requires treatment, the style you need and the number of sessions required to perform the procedure . The average is 2000 € for three treatment sessions, but an appointment with us detail the exact cost depending on your needs. Probably does not seem like a big cost compared to hair transplant surgery or continued use of drugs or products.
Pigments used are different from those used in traditional tattoos, no risk that they may turn green or blue, with time, as with normal tattoo ink. The treated area looks darker in the early days after completing the treatment, but later clarified and softened a bit. In the long term (several years) may be required to undergo additional treatment (trimming).
No, we perform a combination of colors obtained from a variety of pigments with which we work, matching the hair follicle to be treated, taking into account skin tone and hair density.
Because it has to wear short hair is not a problem. We are able to mix and tweak your treatment if necessary as time passes.
Do not panic! We suggest you wait a few days to clear any redness and dims the color and shine. If after a few days you still have problems, we suggest you discuss with your specialist at your next appointment. It is always possible to make some changes, such as lowering the hairline, although this may mean requiring additional treatments for which we will be happy to provide a quote. As a last resort, you have the security of knowing that treatment is reversible with the Laser technique. So far we have not had to make any reversal of our treatment, but having the option can help you feel calmer.