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Scalp Micropigmentation

The Scalp Micropigmentation is a specific techniquethat treats areas with alopecia. It consists of the simulation of real follicles hair and micro hair, replicating the original hair accurately and in great detail.


Micropigmentación Capilar Málaga


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Scalp Micro-pigmentation is a simulation of real follicles hair and micro hair of the head, replicating the original hair accurately and in great detail.



Our treatment is based on innovative and revolutionary techniques, led by our designer and specialist in aesthetics VirginaLlorente, where only the highest quality inks and tools are used.

Pigmentación Capilar en Marbella


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A picture is worth a thousand words, but a video is worth a thousand pictures .... These are the real stories of some of our past clients.

In this video we can see Pablo before and after the treatment for his problem of alopecia and we can also appreciate the way the capillary micropigmentation treatment is carried out. Pablo discusses the reason why he decided for the micropigmentation treatment and not for others. His alopecia started some years ago, with receding hairlines, and when he searched the internet to find a solution to this problem he found the scalp micropigmentation treatment.
Recently Yann decided to rely on EDM Capilar for a problem of androgenetic alopecia. In this video we can appreciate the before and after results. He tells us why he decided to choose the scalp micropigmentation treatment, after trying out with Minoxidil and other hair growth tablets. The results are immediately visible: all the areas with no hair are now covered.
Francisco is now over 40 years old, but his problem of alopecia became visible when he was only 27. He started to lose hair and changed his hair cut to hide the baldness. However, from the age of 30 the problem was becoming more and more difficult because he had a less amount of hair. Finally, he opted for shaving his hair off, to make it less noticeable.
Another example of androgenetic alopecia treated with capillary micropigmentation. Yvan obtained fantastic results with the scalp treatment. All the areas affected by hair loss are now covered and no one would say that he underwent a treatment. He obtained immediate results since the very first session and his hair started to regrowth. After three sessions, the change is brutal: Yvan’s hair has recovered and his self-confidence has improved a lot.
In this video we can observe that after a year the scalp micropigmentation keeps obtaining excellent results, improving a lot the previous baldness. Jesús started to suffer from alopecia in 2010, when he was 22. He had receding hairlines and felt uncomfortable (with hair). He wanted a change because he did not want to look bald forever.
In this video we can see Jose before and after his alopecia. He explains how his fight against this problem started, how he ended up liking the bald look and how he stumbled upon micropigmentation. We can also observe the results of the scalp micropigmentation treatment.

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Scalp Micropigmentación Technique


Previously an interior and graphic designer with great creative capacity, she got to this particular area of work which she calls "creating confidence", since with her work, she creates style and helps people whose self-esteem is affected due to an aesthetic problem.

She began learning and training herself in the aesthetic field of hair pigmentation over 7 years ago. She has worked in well-known clinics within the capillary micropigmentation industryin different parts of the world:London, Birmingham, Paris, Los Angeles, NYC, and Miami, among others

With her artistic talent and her experience in specific capillary micropigmentation, Virginia Llorente helps renew your image with excellent results:

  • - Specialist in capillarymicropigmentation
  • - Hygienic sanitation for tattoos and micropigmentation
  • - Use of approvedinks

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Scalp Micropigmentation is a definitive and effective solution to baldness. Take the first step and contact us.

Alternative to hair replacement

Hair replacement is an obsolete technique that causes many problems. Hair pigmentation is a real and effective alternative.

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With her artistic talent and her years of experience, Virginia Llorente helps renew your image with excellent results.


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